Wedding Planner Packages

Putting your faith in a wedding planner is a leap of faith, especially when your wedding is to be held abroad. Here at Douro Weddings we will work with your budget to give you the best possible package for what you want to spend.


Your initial consultation will be free of charge, when we can give you some guidance about what is available for your price range and here are the different kinds of service that we can provide. If that is what you are looking for, then we can provide you a comprehensive service to organise every detail of the wedding, including accommodation for guests, transfers, extra activities and special requests for the wedding itself:

Full Service Planning

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Full Service Planning

Services included:

  • Full Wedding Planning​​
  • Venue and Supplier Recommendations, Negotiations and Bookings​
  • Music Service (DJs, Bands, etc.)​​
  • Photographic and Videographic Services​​
  • Event Decoration​​
  • Accommodation & Transportation for Guests​​
  • Pre-Wedding Events​​
  • Wedding Design (Invitations, Menus, Wedding Table Display, etc.)​​
  • Wedding Gifts​​
  • Creation and Implementation of the Event Timetable​
  • Coordination of Vendors and Services​
  • Directing and Supporting the Event

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