10 good reasons to have your wedding in the Douro Valley Featured

We are passionate about the Douro valley and all it has to offer as a wedding venue. Here are the 10 best things we think the Douro valley has to offer for the perfect Portugal wedding! 1. Its sunny! - during the Summer, the Douro valley gets an average of 9.9 hours of sun a day. So that means blue skies and outdoor events are almost guaranteed. Even out of season, there is generally good weather all year round. 2. Peace and tranquillity - there is a wonderful sense of calm that permeates the Douro valley, starting with the river itself that gently meanders through the valley, but it extends to the gentle pace of life and lack of industrial development. 3. Beautiful scenery - the vineyards which line the valley are terraced into the hillsides and provide a dramatic backdrop to a wedding. Add the a touch of blue from the river and the sky and you have one of the most scenic spots in the world. 4. Easily accessible - the Douro valley is a short motorway journey from Porto and Porto airport (or you can even get a boat up the river), so you will not be too far from civilisation, despite the rural setting. 5. Friendly people - Portugal as a whole is well known for its hospitality, but rural locations like the Douro valley are even more friendly and every one of our guests remark on the warmth of the welcome they receive. 6. Competitive prices - given the beauty of the location and the relatively easy access, prices for wedding venues are extremely competitive as the region is still relatively under-developed. You can see our <a href="https://douroweddings.com/douro-wedding-venues/douro-wedding-packages/">Douro wedding packages</a> for an example. 7. Stunning venues - many of the most sought-after <a href="https://douroweddings.com/douro-wedding-venues/">wedding venues in the Douro valley</a> are working vineyards with majestic and historic buildings built with the money that port wine has brought to the area. 8. Food and wine - the Douro region produces some of the most celebrated table wines in the world as well as being the home of Port wine. There is also a great tradition of gastronomy in the area to complement the wine. 9. Lots to do - when not at the wedding itself, there is plenty for guests to do, including vineyard visits/tasting, river trips and more vigorous activities like whitewater rafting on some of the tributaries to the Douro. You will also not be far from the city of Porto, which is a fabulous place to visit. 10. A happy place - the Douro valley is blessed in so many ways, with a gentle rhythm of life, beautiful surroundings and a culture of kindness, that it has to be one of the happiest places on earth to have the happiest day of your life! <img src="https://douroweddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/shutterstock_1495227725-300x200.jpg" alt="douro_wedding" width="900" height="600" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-417" /> But don't take our word for it - if you are thinking about having a wedding in Portugal in the Douro valley, please contact us to find out more and book a visit to see for yourself!

The Douro – the perfect spot for a wedding! Featured

The Douro river stretches the width of Portugal from the Spanish border to where it meets the Atlantic at the city of Porto - it is truly one of the most beautiful river valleys in the world and is becoming an increasingly popular venue for weddings for non-Portuguese weddings. Here at DouroEvents we can help you plan the perfect Douro wedding and help you through every part of the process from choosing the venue, working out the logistics and organising every fine detail to make sure the day goes perfectly. <img class="alignnone wp-image-500" src="https://douroweddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/even-more-douro-300x200.jpg" alt="douro_wedding" width="822" height="548" />   The Douro valley has so much to offer as a wedding venue - good access to Porto airport (from around 1 hour by car) and for <a href="https://portoevents.com">events in Porto</a>, fabulous scenery, incredible venues (often linked to the Port wine vineyards which cling to the valley sides), competitive prices, a good range of accommodation, fantastic gastronomy, lots of sun and dependable weather, boat trips and cruises on the river, wine tasting and visits to vineyards and last but not least, very warm and welcoming locals. On our site we have a database of <a href="https://douroweddings.com/douro-wedding-venues/douro-weddings-venues/">wedding venues in the Douro valley</a>, that stretch from 5 star, very upmarket options to more simple and rustic options, but all blessed with the magic that the Douro has to offer. We also have available off-the-shelf  <a href="https://douroweddings.com/douro-wedding-venues/douro-wedding-packages/">Douro wedding packages</a> which offer a fixed price solution with everything included if you find all the options overwhelming and would like us to do the heavy lifting for you. Which ever option you choose, DouroEvents will be there to guide you through the entire process to make sure you have a perfect day. So if you are thinking about a magical Douro wedding, please <a href="info@douroevents.com">contact us</a> for more information.